Establishment course

Establishment Course at Blekinge Independent Adult Education College – VT 2018

Starting 2018-02-05 and finishing 2018-08-03


The Establishment Course at adult education colleges is a mandate from the Arbetsförmedlingen - Swedish Public Employment Service given to the Folkbildningsrådet - Swedish National Council of Adult Education to carry out activities at the independent adult education colleges according to a national government decision.


Target population and collaborative cooperation

The target group is certain newly arrived immigrants who have an establishment plan, primarily individuals with limited educational backgrounds. Blekinge Independent Adult Education College is responsible for the course contents and provides information about the course curriculum and structure to Karlshamn and Ronneby, which decides who will participate in the educational programme.


Goals of the programme

The basic goal of the programme is to offer for 2017 approximately 6,500 individuals in the Sweden a specific educational and training programme for 6 months. The participants who have completed the programme will receive:

  • a certificate of proficiency as the basis for validation for further studies at the independent adult education colleges, within the municipal adult education schemes or SFI.
  • a plan to continue moving closer towards entering the labour market.

Contents and scope

The educational and training programme includes the basics of the Swedish language, preparation to begin a job, and measures relating to orientation. The preparation to begin a job activities are aimed at increasing the individual’s possibilities to obtain gainful employment. The orientation activities are aimed at increasing the individual’s knowledge of the labour market in general. Traineeships or similar opportunities may be part of the course as a supplement. The studies are adapted to the individual’s circumstances and needs.


The studies are conducted full-time for 26 weeks with 20 hours of scheduled programme per week. There is no time off during the program, however weekend are free.


The educational and training programme is made available without charge to the participant. Those who are designated to the programme will receive a financial payment related to establishment benefits, and will be covered by certain types of insurance. The costs of meals are to be paid for by the participant. 

Talk to Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service) if you have questions!

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